GRP Exaust System

To manufacture their GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) products, silenceREvolution s.r.l. use special resins (R.I.Na. - Italian Naval Register - approved), which also guarantee excellent resistance to both chemical and galvanic corrosion (parasite currents), along with high structural resistance, even at high temperatures.

The resins used prevent corrosion and ageing phenomena, feature excellent sound muffling properties and guarantee a higher melting point when compared with plastic silencers. In fact while a ÒwetÓ exhaust systems generally works at a temperature of around, 60°C, a silenceREvolution s.r.l. GRP silencer remains efficient even at temperatures in excess of 150° C, which are only reached if problems occur in the engine cooling system. This avoids the partial melting at temperatures of around 100° C that often occurs with plastic silencers, which may be more economical but are certainly less reliable.

Our cylinder-shaped GRP silencers and connection pipes are made by winding continuous fibreglass filaments impregnated with a special resin around a spindle using a technique borrowed from the aerospace industry. The path and tension of the winding are generated and gauged using a computerised system (filament winding technology). silenceREvolution s.r.l., along with their most highly skilled experts in laminating techniques, can also manufacture GRP components that do not necessarily form part of the exhaust system but may be required to complete a particular installation.

These are manufactured to Customer specifications.
Combi-SEP PRFV-Aito PRFV-Orizzontali Separatore-Vert Silenz-DX-VTR-x-MTU-16V2000 Silenz-SX-VTR-x-MTU-16V4000 Silenz-VTR-rettangolare Tubi-PRFV

Stainless steel exhaust gas manifolds

Exhaust gas manifolds featuring water injection cooling, highly attractive exhaust outlets for mounting on transoms, silencers for dry systems, pipes and contraction/expansion joints, as well as a vast range of other types of components, which do not necessarily form part of the exhaust system but may be required to complete a particular installation, are manufactured to Customer specifications.
Collettore-MTU-12V2000 Collettore-due-in-uno-CAT-C18 Collettore-Inox-Carbonio Collettore-Inox-Carb-dett

Stainless steel exaust system

silenceREvolution s.r.l. use the best stainless steel, AISI 316L (EN 1.4432) as standard to manufacture all those components that, because of their location in the exhaust system, cannot be made of GRP.

Our highly skilled craftsmen produce components in AISI 316L stainless steel, though on request even particularly complex components can be made of other materials (Inconel, AISI 304, Fe etc.).
Inox_a_secco_laterale Doppio-silenziatore-per-MTU-16V2000M94 Silenziatore-per-CAT-C32
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